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2021 Shipment Dates

Month Cut-off Dates

Shipping Dates
(NZ Port)


MayMay 10 May 30 Departed from NZ Port
JuneJune 10 July 7Dispatched to NZ Port

July July 10 July 30 Fully booked
AugAug 10Aug 30TBA


Departure dates are intended dates and may change depending on the shipping vessel arrival at NZ port.

Shipping schedules are subject to change without prior notice.  Dates are sailing dates and is subject to shipment being fully booked.

All Outside Auckland pick-ups please contact us on 09 2812526. 

Download Declaration Form

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Christmas Shipment Advisory

For timely deliveries of your Christmas Balikbayan box, we recommend the following shipping dates:

Mindanao Areas -  TBA

Visayas - TBA

Luzon - TBA

Metro Manila - TBA

Please note that these dates are departure from New Zealand ports. Please have boxes pick up minimum of two weeks before the above dates. All shipments are subject to our standard terms.